All Things

“I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”-Philippians 4:13

Did You get that? Did You Really Read That? Did You Understand What Was Being Said? “I Can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” God Doesn’t say You can Bring One Friend to church one Night As they doze off During worship and sleep through a message. No, God Says All Things! We Struggle With The Fact that we could do All things. We Hear Our parents saying, “You Can Do Anything You want with your life”, but Can You? When You Asked “Do Whatever While We’re Gone”, Do You really Do Anything Other then Sit Around and Watch TV? No. Think Of That Like God. God Has Given Us an opportunity to do All things, Are We Going to Believe We Can Do All Things. A lot Of The Time We sit on the couch with God. Heck, We Did. This Summer How Many Times Did You Go To church. How many opportunity’s did you have? Did You Sit On The Couch With God. There Are Opportunities in place. In A Few Days Your probably Going to Head back to school.  When  You get There are going to seize that opportunity and believe when you do that you could change a life, change a family, change a Community? I Encourage You To Believe. This Year be Done With Handing Out Cool Looking cards with a date and a map, Instead Connect. Start A bible Study, Talk to Your Friend About Jesus. Cards Can’t bring People To Christ, But You Can. This year believe You can save A Life, Believe You Can Save A Family, believe you can Save You School, Your Community, and your own Home. Because You Can Do All Things Through Christ who gives you strength. You may have Noticed that “through Christ” Is Bold. Make sure to Understand that you can’t do all things unless you are doing it For God, Through Christ. With That In Mind Realize, That You can Do all Things Through Christ Who Gives you strength. This Year. Don’t let it Just be a Year of school, A Class, Or A Grade. Let It Be the Year You Seize Opportunities to Do All Things For Christ Who Gives You Strength.

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